Statements of Economic Interests & Supplemental Statements of Economic Interests

Statements of Economic Interests and Supplemental Statements of Economic Interest forms are mandated by theIllinois Governmental Ethics Act (5ILCS 420/49) and must be completed annually by employees who meet the criteria of the Act. The Secretary of State will mail Statements of Economic Interests (SOEI) on March 15, 2024 to CSU employees who are required to file. Since 2020, the Statements of Economic Interest form can now be filed electronically here.


Individuals who meet the following criteria must file:

  • Those who are or function as head of a unit
  • Those with direct supervisory authority over, or direct responsibility for the formulation, negotiation, issuance, or execution of contracts
  • Those who have supervisory authority over 20 or more employees
  • Those who are a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI on a grant
  • Those who have responsibility for the procurement of goods and services
  • Members of the Board of Directors/Trustees


It is important that you note the following

  • Statements must be dated and include your electronic signature
  • Indicate 'N/A' or 'NONE' for all questions that are not applicable to you
  • Do not submit supporting documentation or provide dollar amounts for a given interest
  • Copies, including faxes, are NOT accepted by the State
  • Failure to properly complete the Statement of Economic Interests will result in an audit finding for the University, as well as penalties against you

Employees who complete the Statements of Economic Interests are also required to complete a SUPPLEMENTAL STATEMENT OF ECONOMIC INTERESTS (SSOEI) form mandated by Ill. Executive Order 15-09. The SSEI is a separate electronic document for filing through the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission (EEC).  The SSOEI will be emailed to employees at their CSU email address from and will include your PIN and website here for filing annually by May 1st


Deadlines and Penalties 


CSU Employees and Members of the Board of Trustees required to file Statements of Economic Interest (SOEI) with the Secretary of State and a Supplemental Statement of Economic Interest (SSOEI) with the Executive Ethics Commission for 2023 must file their electronic submission by 11:59 PM on May 1st. This is an absolute deadline, after which, financial penalties ensue.


Failure to meet the 2023 deadline will result in the State levying penalties against you and an audit finding for the University.

  • Late Filing on or before May 15 - $15 late fee
  • Late Filing after May 16 to the date of filing  - $100 each day in addition to the $15 late fee
  • Late Filing June 1st - Forfeiture of office or position of employment

These fines are assessed to individuals only and must be paid personally by the delinquent filers to the Office of the Secretary of State.

If you have any questions regarding your Statement of Economic Interest, please call ext. 3519.