Judicial Affairs

The University & Student Code of Conduct

Criminal JusticeChicago State University (CSU) has a Code of Conduct which expressly states the standard of conduct expected of all members of the CSU community. The Student Code of Conduct is the university’s formal policy that governs the administrative process pertaining to standards of behavior and conduct expected of students enrolled at CSU.  The Office of Judicial Affairs is responsible for overseeing the administrative process for protecting students’ due process rights. The Office administers CSU’s student judicial process and follows the procedural guidelines established by the university.  A judicial hearing officer or hearing committee, representing faculty and/or staff and students, is responsible for hearing student judicial matters and levying sanctions (penalties) in matters where a student has been found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct.

Any student accused of violating the Student Code of Conduct has the right to a hearing before any final determination or sanctions are issued.  However, an immediate temporary sanction will be issued, until a hearing is scheduled, for any alleged violation that threatens the safety of the student or safety of other campus members.  In addition, any student found responsible for conduct violations resulting in the sanction of suspension or expulsion has the right to appeal the decision to the Office of the Dean of Students.

Sanctions for violating the Student Code of Conduct are intended to provide educational experiences that will develop behavior and conduct, demonstrative of responsible citizenship.  This does not mean that sanctions are not also punitive in nature. Therefore, sanctions are levied relative to the nature and scope of the violation. 

Rights & Responsibilities

CSU has the right to establish policies pertaining to the standard of students’ conduct and behavior.  The university has a responsibility to protect the rights of all members of the university according to the rules, regulations and laws that govern the institution.  To ensure that a collegial and cooperative educational environment is maintained, Chicago State University has the right to investigate allegations, conduct hearings and levy sanctions against any student found responsible for violating the University’s Code of Excellence and/or the Student Code of Conduct.  Maintaining these standards, established by the university, is critical to providing an optimum learning, living and working environment which impacts all members of the CSU community.