Smoke-Free Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chicago State University's Smoke-Free Policy?

Smoking of any is prohibited in or on University facilities and property. This policy was introduced to the University community in March 2015; warnings may be issued beginning April 2015; strict enforcement of the policy begins July 1, 2015.  See the full policy for more details.

Why did our campus go smoke-free?

Chicago State University is going smoke-free to support a healthy learning environment for students, a healthy work environment for faculty and staff, and to comply with Illinois’ Smoke-Free Campus Act prohibiting smoking on each campus of a State-supported institution of higher education.

Does Illinois’ smoke-free campus policy extend to other campus-owned property outside of the main campus?

The policy includes all campus-owned property.

How will people know where they can and cannot smoke?

All campus-owned property is smoke-free.  Signs will be posted on campus.  An online smoke-free campus map identifies the boundaries of the main campus.

Can people smoke in their own vehicles within the smoke-free campus?

Smoking in private vehicles parked on campus property is banned under the new policy. This means people cannot smoke in their cars while parked on campus owned streets or in campus parking lots.

What about games, concerts or other public events?

All events occurring on campus-owned property are covered by the smoke-free policy.

Are there fines if I violate the policy?

Yes.  There are fines and other penalties for violating the Smoke-Free Campus Policy.  See the full policy for more details.

I currently smoke.  Does this mean I have to quit smoking?

No.  CSU’s Smoke-Free Campus Policy does not require people who smoke to quit smoking, but rather to refrain from smoking while on University property.  The policy does not regulate personal choice regarding smoking while off-campus.  However, all employees, students and visitors are expected to comply with the policy by not smoking on campus property.  Repeated policy violations of any kind, could result in disciplinary action.  For more details see the full Smoke-Free Campus Policy

Can I use e-cigarettes?

No.  E-cigarettes may not be used on campus property. Additionally, as stated in the policy and in compliance with the Smoke-Free Campus Act, persons on campus may not carry, smoke, burn, inhale, or exhale any kind of:

  • lighted pipe
  • cigar
  • cigarette
  • hookah
  • weed
  • herbs
  • other lighted smoking equipment

What do I do if I see someone smoking on University Property?

Notify the CSU Police Department of the violation.  In order for the police to issue a citation, you must be willing to sign as the complaintant.