Appeals: Smoke Free Campus Act (Faculty and Staff)

In accordance with the Illinois Administrative Procedures Act 5 ILCS 100 Article 10 (Administrative Hearings):

A person wishing to appeal a Smoke Free citation must submit the Smoke-Free Campus Appeals form, available at the Office of Human Resources and  Citations must be paid or appealed within ten (10) calendar days as indicated on the citation.  After ten (10) calendar days, you waive your right to appeal and are required to pay the citation.  Appeals forms are to be submitted to the Office of Human Resources, Cook Administration Building, Room 203.

 Please note: Visitors will not be allowed to appeal.  Student Appeals will be forwarded to the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Employees may request an appearance before the Smoke Free Campus Appeals Board, if a written appeal has been denied.  Requests for the appearance must be made in writing and presented to the Office of Human Resources within ten (10) calendar days of the appeal decision letter.  Violators who fail to pay within ten (10) days of notification that their appeal has been denied, may be subject to additional penalty.   

If the violator makes an appointment to appeal in person and does not appear at the hearing, he/she will be judged guilty by default. Simple errors on or omissions from a citation are not considered grounds for cancellation of the citation.   


After 45 days, unpaid citations and fines issued to employees will be referred to the Office of Human Resources for disciplinary action/and the fine(s) being deducted in a single payment from your payroll check and /or leave accrual payout. Unpaid citations and fines issued to students will be referred to the Bursar’s Office for collection.

Appeals Board

The Office of Human Resources Appeals Board meets monthly to hear violators’ appeals (Smoke Free Campus Violation).  

The Board consists of: two (2) civil service employees, two (2) faculty members, two (2) administrative representatives, one (1) member of the University Police Department, and the director or a designee of the Human Resources Department.

Smoking Citation Appeal Form (PDF)

Human Resources Smoking Appeals Board

HR Smoking Appeals Board Nomination Form (PDF)