Principal Preparation

Master's of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration - Principal Preparation

Approved by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). This program prepares transformational urban school leaders. The program is offered in partnership with several school districts and schools.

On May 7th, 2013, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) approved Chicago State University’s new program to prepare transformational urban school leaders, which will be offered in partnership with several school districts and schools. This endorsement is required for:

  • principals,
  • assistant principals, and
  • staff filling other similar or related positions.
  • 30 Credit Hours for Certificate of Advance Graduate Study (C.A.G.S.) in K-12 Principalship for Candidates with Master's Degrees.
  • 36 Credit Hours for MA in Educational Leadership and Administration + K-12 Principalship.

To apply for admission to the program, students should: contact the Graduate School Office at Chicago State University (773) 995-2404 and request an application packet (directions and procedures are specified in the packet). Applicants may also download the packet here

Courses Required
ELCF 5150 Leadership in Implementing Research-Based Practices (4cr/20f)
ELCF 5235 Administration and Supervision of Exceptional and General Education Program (4cr/20f)
ELCF 5245 Supervision and Assessment of Literacy and Numeracy across the Grades and Content Areas (4cr/20f)
ELCF 5335 School Law for Exceptional and General Education (3 cr)
ELCF 5375 Managing Fiscal Resources and Operations (3 cr)
ELCF 5725 Technology for Effective Teaching & Administration (3 cr)
ELCF 5985 Leadership in Creating a Peaceful and Productive School Climate (3 cr)
ELCF 5965 Research Fundamentals for Transformational School Leaders (3 cr)
ELCF 5660 Master’s Thesis/Project (3 cr)
ELCF 5348 Internship 1 (2 cr)
ELCF 5348 Internship 2 (2 cr)
ELCF 5348 Internship 3 (2 cr)

Dr. Athanase Gahungu, Program Facilitator

Graduate Programs in Education

Chicago State University

9501 South King Drive/ED 319

Chicago, Illinois 60628-1598

Tel: (773) 995-2086