Our dedicated department staff members are student-focused professionals, with years of experience in providing quality academic support services. From massive projects, such as open-house events and recruitment, to everyday operational tasks, such as advising and customer-service, our department staff consistently provide the support needed to ensure a quality educational experience.

Florah Luseno

Dr. Florah Luseno

Desiree Montgomery

Ms. Desiree Montgomery
Office Administrator

Chrystal Fountain

Mrs. Chrystal Fountain
Ed.D. Program Advisor

Chandra Cabraal

Dr. Chandra Cabraal
Associate Professor

Rasha Elhage

Dr. Rasha Elhage
Associate Professor

Athanase Gahungu

Dr. Athanase Gahungu

Olanipekun Laosebikan

Dr. Olanipekun Laosebikan
Associate Professor

Crystal Laura

Dr. Crystal Laura

Garrard McClendon

Dr. Garrard McClendon
Associate Professor

Byung-In Seo

Dr. Byung-In Seo

Leily Ziglari

Dr. Leily Ziglari
Assistant Professor
Adjunct Faculty Members
Dr. Abisola Bakare ED 319 abakare@csu.edu (773)995-2086
Dr. Allen Bearden ED 319 abearden@csu.edu (773) 995-2086
Dr. Deborah Lynch ED 319 dlynch21@csu.edu (773) 995-2086
Dr. William Truesdale ED 319 wtruesda@csu.edu (773) 995-2086

Contact Us

Please email Dr. Florah Luseno (Department Chairperson) at fluseno@csu.edu or call us at (773) 995-2086