Ms. Rochelle Johnson
Rochelle Johnson

Instructional Design Specialist

Ms. Johnson's primary responsibilities focus on assisting faculty and students with online teaching and learning. She is the primary instructor for the Online Certification Course (O.C.T.) training faculty to teach in the online environment. She created the Student Technology Academic Resource Training (S.T.A.R.T.) course for students.  Ms. Johnson obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Technology and Education at Chicago State University. She is a former Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois Fellow, and is currently writing her dissertation for a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology at Northern Illinois University.

Theodis Garth
Theodis Garth

Systems Adminstrator & e-Learning Consultant

Mr. Garth's primary responsibilities include site-wide management for Chicago State University's Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle. He monitors Moodle to maintain a high level of optimization and functionality for students and faculty, and also provides technical support for staff for operations and computer usage re: Office of Online Instruction and Instructional Technology and Library and Instruction Services (LIS). Mr. Garth holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Technology and a Master of Science degree in Workforce Education and Technical Education from Southern Illinois University.