Chicago State University

Core Values

Student-Centered Excellence
The DOSA team will create an environment that promotes holistic learning cultivating the strengths of our students through quality programming and opportunities for individual and collective growth 

The DOSA team will provide an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment that promotes respect, exposure and appreciation for all students through innovative programming and civic engagement. 

Social Engagement
The DOSA team will create and facilitate the CSU experience through programming and learning opportunities outside the classroom to promote school spirit and Cougar pride.

Effective Communication
The DOSA team will communicate effectively and consistently with and to the student body in order to maintain an open dialogue on campus. 

Retention-Driven Decision Making
The DOSA team will be intentional in monitoring the pulse of the student body to assess its morale and needs, essentially leading to the retention our students.

 Innovative & Visionary Leadership
The DOSA team will function as active change agents in fostering growth and development for our student population, empowering them to be productive ground-breaking leaders and global citizens.

Team Members, Partnerships & Collaborations
The DOSA team will honor and respect the expertise of team members as it collaborates and builds relationships with internal and external CSU partners. 

Organizational Development
The DOSA team will assess the needs of the Division while maintaining policies and procedures that will allow for progressive collaboration with Chicago State University’s community. 

The DOSA team will be instrumental in maintaining records, documents, and staple programming to ensure the continuation of legacies and traditions at the University.