Art and Design Program

Studio imageAdmission to any of the programs is contingent upon good academic standing and acceptance by the university. The program will not accept D transfer credit.

In the Art Education (K-12) Option, admission to the College of Education is required prior to registration for professional education courses. A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in all coursework required in the program either as transfer credit or completed at Chicago State University is required for admission to the College of Education. A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in the area of specialization, in professional education, and 3.0 in all coursework required in the program either as transfer credit or completed at Chicago State University, is required for student teaching.


Returning students should contact faculty advisors for an appointment.  Professor Chongim Choi can be reached at the following email address  New students may contact Chairperson Lillian Kay Dawson at .


CSU Merit Scholarships are available to qualified, newly admitted freshmen and transfer students.  Please see Financial Aid for more information.

Art Talent Scholarships are available to returning Art and Design majors.  Scholarships are based on the merit of work presented in a pin-up in May, juried by faculty.  Awards can range up to $4000 in tuition waivers. 

Honors in Art and Design

Student Art CompetitionThe Honors in the Major Program is a unique opportunity for a motivated and gifted art major to create a body of artwork, research papers, and/or written thesis, beyond basic requirements, toward an advanced individualized portfolio. Using visual language appropriate to a specific thematic concentration or media, the resulting portfolio is preparation for graduate or career pursuits. To receive honors credit, at the end of each course, the student must present his or her work to the chair and review committee selected to oversee the progress of the thesis/project. Upon successful completion of the required 12 credits, the student is recognized as an honors student on his or her transcript. The honors program is designed to begin junior year and extend through senior year. Sophomore students with concentrations in the Art, Design, or Art Education options can apply for admission into the honors program during the second semester of their sophomore year. A minimum 3.25 grade point average in the major and 3.0 overall is required. Transfer students entering at the junior level may still be admitted to the progr