Academic Calendar

Fall 2022 

Month Day Event
Aug 2022 Mon to Sat  Aug TBA New Student Orientation week
  Mon Aug22 All Regular session classes begin
Sept 2022 Mon Sept 5 Labor Day – Campus holiday
  Mon Sept 12 Special Session classes begin
Nov 2022 Thur to Sat (Nov 24 – 26) Thanksgiving – Campus holiday
Dec  2022 Sat Dec 3 Last day of classes
  Mon to Sat (Dec 5 - 10) Final Exam period
  Tue Dec 13 Final grades due to Registrar 
  Thur Dec 15 Commencement
  Fri Dec 16 All Fall sessions ends
* This Calendar is subject to Change

Spring 2023

Month Day Event
Dec 2022 Wed Dec 14 Intersession classes begin
Jan 2023 Sat Jan 7 Intersession classes end
  Mon Jan 9 Regular session classes begin
  Mon Jan 16 ML King Day - Campus holiday
Feb 2023 Mon Jan 30 Special Session classes begin
  Mon Feb 20 President's Day - Campus holiday
March 2023 Mon to Sat (Mar 20 - 25) Spring Break (no classes)
April 2023 Sat April 29 Last day of classes 
May 2023 Mon to Sat (May 1 - 6) Final Exam period
  Tue May 9 Final grades due to Registrar
  Thur May 11 Commencement
  Fri May 12 All Spring sessions ends
* This Calendar is subject to Change

Summer Semester 2023

Month Day Event
May 2023 Mon May 29 Memorial Day - Campus holiday
  Tue May 30 10-Week session and 1st 5-week session classes begin
June 2023 Tue June 1 10-Week Session and 1st 5-week session ends
July 2023 Sat July 1 1st 5-week session ends
  Mon July 3 2nd 5-week session classes begin
  Tue July 4 Independence Day - Campus holiday
Aug 2023 Sat Aug 5 10-week and 2nd 5-week sessions end
  Tue Aug 8 All final grades due to Registrar
* This Calendar is subject to Change No commencement ceremonies are held in the summer