About Us

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The Counseling Department (also known as the Counseling Center) provides an array of mental health services primarily for students who are currently enrolled at Chicago State University. Our mission is to provide high quality Counseling services that support the mental health and well-being of students as well as all members of Chicago State University and our surrounding communities. Counseling services are provided primarily by Unit A Faculty Members. These services include private, short-term, and confidential mental health clinical counseling treatment (e.g., individual therapy sessions) with licensed clinicians and supervised faculty and graduate-level peer counselor interns who work with students to identify and address a variety of mental health needs and concerns. Moreover, these services include mental health non-clinical counseling (e.g., Chat sessions) and life coaching and student success sessions with certified mental health professionals. All of our mental health professionals are knowledgeable, understanding and empathic.

We also provide additional Counseling services to the Chicago State University campus community including administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, and on occasion community members. Our counselors provide various types of outreach mental health education programming that includes psycho-educational, psycho-social, and experiential workshops as well as evidenced-based mental health resources and referral services. We work with faculty and staff to provide consultation regarding mental health concerns or crises that may occur in the classroom.

Our students are often facing a number of stressors that impact their holistic health including their emotional, mental and physical well-being. We are here to help students find their way through these difficulties so that they may cross the finish line to graduation. We welcome all CSU students of all various genders, sexual identities, ethnic/racial identities, SES backgrounds, religious affiliations, abilities, and other diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds including students who are athletes, first year, first generational, returning after being out of school, justice-involved, and veterans and in the military. We want students to be able to be their very best selves and recognize the importance of good physical as well as mental health in the journey towards personal, academic, professional and lifelong success. All Counseling services are free of charge.

The Counseling Center is located in the Cordell Reed Student Union Building, Room 190.

The telephone number to leave a voicemail message is (773) 995-2383

Please do not hesitate to also send an email to counselingcenter@csu.edu.