Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention

Domestic violence can be physical, psychological, verbal, emotional, financial, and/or sexual. Attacks that often begin as verbal abuse or threats can turn into battery, rape, and even murder. At least 12 million people report incidences of domestic violence every year. Victims can be any age, male or female, single or married, from any social, economic, racial, or ethnic background.

If you feel you are in immediate danger, please call 911 as soon as possible

National Domestic Violence Hotline

(La Línea Nacional sobre Violencia Doméstica) Hours: 24/7. Languages: English, Spanish and 200+ through interpretation service 800-799-7233

City of Chicago Domestic Violence Services

Information, Options, Counseling, Legal and Shelter Services

Toll-Free. 24-hour. Confidential. Multilingual.

Phone: 1.877.863.6338
TTY: 1.877.863.6339

Illinois Department of Human Services

Domestic Violence Hotline

1-877-TO END DV or 1-877-863-6338 (Voice)

1-877-863-6339 (TTY)

The hotline is toll free, confidential, multilingual, and open 24-hour.

Find a Service Provider Near You

Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence website

Wings - Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

The mission of WINGS Program, Inc. is to provide housing, integrated services, education and advocacy to end domestic violence.

24 hour hotline (847) 221-5680

Cook County Circuit Court of Cook County

Domestic Violence Court of Chicago

5555 West Harrison

Chicago, Illinois 60607

(312) 325-9500

For more information here

Domestic violence is a crime. No one should ever be hurt by someone they love.  In order to become a survivor of domestic violence you need to get help from the court system, police, and community resources available to you. I encourage every victim of domestic violence to call the police.

Ascend Justice - Domestic Violence Legal Clinic
Formerly known as Pro Bono Advocates
(312) 325-9155
Languages: English, Spanish

Legal Aid Chicago
(312) 341-1070 
ii. Languages: English, Spanish. Free interpreters for all other languages

Family Rescue
24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (312) 325-9300, (800) 360-6619 (Hablamos Español)
TDD (773) 375-8774

Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network
24-Hour Emergency Domestic Violence Hotline: (877) 863-6338
TDD (877) 863-6339
Language: English, Spanish (+153 languages)
Office: (312) 527-0730

Metropolitan Family Services
(312) 986-4000
Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic
Locations: Multiple throughout Chicago

Life Span
(312) 408-1210
Languages: English

Greenhouse Shelter - Connections for Abused Women and their Children (CAWC)
24-Hour Hotline: (773) 278-4566, (773) 489-9081
Language: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Ukranian

CPD, Domestic Violence Advocacy Project
(312) 742-5290
Languages: English 

Mujeres Latinas en Acción
(312) 738-5358
TDD (312) 226-3350
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Neopolitan Lighthouse
24-Hour Crisis Line: (773) 722-0005
Languages: English

Apna Ghar
24-Hour Emergency Hotline: (800) 717-0757
Languages: Hindi, Urdu, Swalhili, French, Spanish, Persian, Bangla, English

Between Friends
24-Hour Hotline (800) 603-4357
TDD (773) 274-6508
Languages: English

Center on Halsted
LGBTQ Violence Resource Line: (773) 871-2273 (Mon - Fri business hours)
Languages: English, Spanish

House of the Good Shepherd
(773) 935-3434
Languages: English, Spanish

Korean American Women In Need (KAN-WIN)
24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (773) 583-0880
Languages: English, Korean

24-Hour Crisis Line: (773) 583-4673
Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian

Heartland Alliance - Violence Recovery Services
(773) 847-4417
Languages: English, Spanish

Crisis Center for South Suburbia
24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: (708) 429-7233
TDD (708) 429-7284
Languages: English

Anew: Building Beyond Violence and Abuse
24-Hour Hotline: (877) 335-3028
Languages: English, Spanish

Pillars - Constance Morris House
24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: (708) 485-5254
Languages: English, Spanish

Sarah's Inn
24-Hour Crisis Line: (708) 386-4225
Languages: English, Spanish

YWCA Evanston/Northshore
24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (877) 718-1868
Languages: English, Spanish

The Illinois Domestic Violence Act recognizes domestic violence as a serious crime. It creates legal remedies which may be ordered by the court. One of the most useful of these is commonly referred to as an ORDER OF PROTECTION.

We hope the information presented here will help your understanding of the circuit court system as it relates Domestic Violence and guide you to the resources within the community that may be available to you.

If you need help with a situation involving domestic violence and do not know where to turn, there are many Legal Assistance, Court Advocacy, and Social Service Organizations that provide a variety of services to victims of domestic violence.

Sexual Assault is any unwanted sexual contact imposed upon another person by use of force, fear, manipulation, or coercion. Sexual assault is defined as any sexual activity involving a person who does not or cannot (due to alcohol, drugs, or some sort of incapacitation) consent.

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, "sexual assault can be verbal, visual, or anything that forces a person to join in unwanted sexual contact or attention."  Sexual assault is a broad term, and can describe many things, including:

  • rape
  • unwanted sexual contact (touching or grabbing)
  • unwelcomed exposure of another's body or voyeurism
  • child sexual abuse
  • incest or molestation
  • sexual harassment

Sexual assault is an act of power. This can be obvious, like in a situation where the perpetrator has a weapon.  Sexual assault can also occur when physical force or threat is used against the victim or someone the victim cares about. However, physical coercion or force is not always present or necessary.  In some sexual assault cases, the violence is more subtle, like when the perpetrator's age, size, or status is used to scare, trick, or manipulate the victim.

Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault. People of all ages, races, economic backgrounds, sexualities, and lifestyles have been victims. Males as well as females can be victims.

Acquaintance Rape and Date Rape both refer to sexual assault by a person known to the survivor. While most people think rape is committed by a stranger, acquaintance rape is actually much more common. On college campuses, 84-97% of sexual assault is committed by someone known to the survivor. Like any other rape, acquaintance rape is not the survivor's fault. This can be hard to remember; knowing the acquaintance may make a survivor feel that s/he is to blame, or that what happened does not qualify as sexual assault. However, it is still important to get help. Acquaintance rape is as traumatic and serious as other forms of rape.

If you are a victim of dating/domestic/intimate partner violence, sexual or physical assault, stalking, or harassment, then tell someone. Come to the Counseling Center or the Campus Police.

If you are sexually assaulted in Chicago, please go to the nearest emergency room to collect evidence and have a sexual assault examination. Most hospitals have a rape victim advocate to support and assist you.  

If you have been injured, seek medical attention immediately and ask the medical personnel to document their findings.  Keep any evidence of physical abuse (ripped clothing, photos of bruises and injuries, copies of medical reports).  If you have been sexually assaulted, do not shower, eat, or smoke.  Place clothing in a paper bag and call for assistance.

If you are in danger, or being threatened, stalked, or assaulted, call the University Police:

  • at extension 2111 on campus or
  • call 911 for help. 
  • If you are off-campus or using a cell phone call 1-(773) 995-2111. You can also arrange a signal with a neighbor to alert them to call the police, if you are in danger.

Hotlines are always available to you, 24 hours a day.  You can talk to a hotline counselor about your options, make a safety plan, identify resources, or find out how to join a support group. Come to the Counseling Center CRSU 190 during office hours.

1-888-293-2080 (Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline)

1-630-971-3927 (West Suburbs)

1-708-748-5672 (South Suburbs)

Report the crime. A victim is not required to report the incident, but reporting the crime can help you regain a sense of personal power and control.

Source: RAINN


Resilience was founded in 1974, Resilience (formerly Rape Victim Advocates) has been on the front lines of working with survivors of sexual violence. Although much has changed since 1974, the need for our services has not. In fact, it has increased, expanding the need and scope of the services we provide. We continue to work with survivors of sexual violence. However, our work now addresses the entire spectrum of sexual violence, including harassment, abuse, and prevention, with an additional focus on public education and institutional advocacy. More information here