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Account Request Fomr Install & Connect  Step-by-Step instructions with screenshots

Install & Connection Instructions

CSU-provided equipment, should have FortiClient software already installed.  If you don’t have FortiClient installed, please contact helpdesk@csu.edu

  1. Navigate to the task bar on the lower right of your screen, next to the time/date, and right-click on the FortiClient icon, which is a blue shield.
  2. Select the option Connect to “CSU VPN”
  3. When the Remote Access screen opens, enter your CSU username and password.
  4. Once the connection is complete, you will see the message below, briefly.
  5. You are now connected and may continue working.

NOTE:  Please report any issues to helpdesk@csu.edu or call (773) 995-3963.

  1. Download FortiClient VPN for your OS
    (currently 3rd link on this page)
    FortiClient VPN

  2. Install onto your computer & click "Configure VPN" 
    Clck Configure
  3. Configure Settings:
    Connection Name: CSU VPN
    Remote Gateway: csuinterconnect.csu.edu
    Customize port:  Enable and enter 443
    Authentication: Choose Save Login.
    Username: enter your CSU username
    Do not Warn Invalid Server Certificate: Enable.
    VPN Settings
  4. Save then click Connect


Please report all issues to helpdesk@csu.edu or call (773) 995-3963.