Web Services

Web ServicesWe are responsible for the design and upkeep of the csu.edu website. Our future is an increasing digital world. This website is most often the first impression of CSU. A website is also one of the most effective and quickest ways of communicating with the entire University & CSU community. Web Services recognizes the World Wide Web is one of the most valuable and vital resources of any organization.


Editors & Publishers

Web Sites Site Editor Site Publisher
Academic Support    
Accreditation   Thomas Rowan
Admissions Andra Barnes

Andrea Welch

African American Studies    
Alumni Affairs Bobbie Harth Kevin Triskett
Arts & Design  

Thomas Lucas

Lillian Kay Dawson

Arts & Sciences Rochelle Green LeRoy Jones II
Assessment Elizabeth Arnott-Hill  


Website Editing

Document Description
pdf Website Editing

CSU full-time employees may request access to edit the website for their department. One editor & publisher may be appointed for each department. This liaison will be responsible for content updates of department website. Form must be approved by your manager.

An editor can make edits to pages. A publisher can edit and also publish pages to go live.

pdf Instructions Beginners tips & tricks for using OuCampus.



Submitting Updates to Websupport

Only websupport can post images, pdfs and documents to the websites as this requires specialized trianing, and to assure that the items are in compliance. Attach them in an email to websupport@csu.edu with clear direction on where to add the image.

Any type edits, including making tables and links can be done by those who have website editor access. We ask you to set links to open in new pages when they go outside csu.edu. No worries if you are having difficulty with any updates, we can do that for you if you email us. 

Email web support your changes.

For edits always provide:

web address & clear description of what you want done:

URL: https://www.csu.edu/foundation/boarddirectors.htm 

  • please add the attached image and bio for Jane Smith
  • remove the red-eye from camera flash

copy additions in red, removals with a strikethrough

URL: https://www.csu.edu/foundation/boarddirectors.htm

Angelique David

Board Secretary

Board Chair EMD

COO & General Counsel, Ziegier

New Web Pages Provide:

  • Navigational clickstream to where this page should go
  • Copy spellchecked & reviewed for grammar
  • Instructions that are not copy updates, in red all caps for example:  (ANIMATED SLIDESHOW HERE)
  • For group collaboration, create & share a google doc with your team to write the content. Once your team approves the copy, forward a link to web support with instructions.
We prefer to convert your .docx files to actual html webpages viewable in the web browser, when possible. Cellphones often cannot open MS Office files and you want to keep your audience in the csu.edu website interface as long as possible. This also reduces the number of clicks to get to the information. If you absolutely want a link to download a .doc please let us know what words you want to be clickable to download the file. Read below on pdfs to find out how to name your file.

Please submit the best quality images you have in terms of lighting and resolution.

Name the file clearly and concisely to what this is about, use underscores for spaces. 

Bad Filenaming Good Filenaming
IMG-104589,jpg Chicago_State_University.jpg
Jane  Doe (002)DSCF assistant faculty  staff.png Doe_Jane.png
Logo board Illinoiseducaotn Higher.svg IBHE.svg

We will by default retouch and color balance images to improve quality before posting. We will crop images if we see better cropping. We by default put images at the top left at a size that fits across the width of the cellphone. We wrap text around the right side if possible so on a computer there is not dead wasted space. 


  • URL and location on the page the link resides on
  • The URL the link will go to when clicked
  • The exact verbiage for the link as we do prefer not to show a lengthy web address.

eg: "The Black Media Conference is hosted by CSU every year in April bringing many industry professionals together.

  • Links going outside the csu.edu website or to download files must go onto the mainpage. They are not allowed in the main or right-hand navigation as that is reserved for csu.edu pages only.

Properly name your pdfs and links  to match

First clearly & concisely name the link that people will click to download your pdf. The name should describe in up to 3 words or less the purpose/content of the file, so the person downloading knows to expect before downloading. Name the file exact the same, so people can easily find the pdf on their computer after they download. We will name your link exactly as the file submitted

Bad Filenaming Good Filenaming
CSU Purchasing definitions 11-6-2020.final draft.pdf Purchasing_Defintions.pdf
JSMITH FY2021 Quick Reference Procurement Guidelines Procurement_Guidelines.pdf
  • The first word should best & most uniquely describes the document
  • Remove unnecessary words like CSU as people are looking for the purpose of the document, and extra words will make searches for information more difficult
  • Remove dates whenever possible, they very quickly make the file look old and outdated unless you update for example a newsletter or calendar every month on first day of the month
  • Consistent Sentence or Title Case Capitalization 
  • Use underscores rather than spaces, because the web substitutes code of "%20" for spaces that looks sloppy, and some browsers may break the link



  • file named clearly & concisely (we will use thisname for the headline in youtube)
  • name of playlist to add or new playlist to create
  • video in .mp4 format
  • timecodes of where to crop video if needed and any edits you need
  • poster image (this is the preview people will see) by providing 
      1.  image attached in an email
      2. timecode on video to extract one from
      3. a few words to use if we are to create on for you 



Important Information

Emailing websupport@csu.edu is the best method as we are often in meetings or working on urgent deadlines. 

Douglas Hall (DH) Room: 122

9am to 5pm Mon - Fri

When submitting content, please use the following consistent formats for (spaces, periods, colons) used throughout the website. This saves us time allowing us to post your content sooner.

Item Bad Example Correct Example
Time Ranges 9:00 am to 5p.m. 

9am to 5pm

or   8:30am to 5:10pm

Phone Numbers 000 000 - 0000 (000) 000-0000


Good Web Writing Practices

  • Clear — Ensure your writing is exceptionally clear to others. Always put yourself in the position of the reader. 
  • Concise  Web visitors are looking for quick & fast answers. Concise copy is more impactful and directly to the point. Trim whatever content is not needed and your reader will have an easier time locating that golden needle in a haystack. 
  • Consistent — The eye scans visually for colors, boldness, spacing. Always check your usage of UPPERCASE, Sentence Case, periods, bold to be consistent.
  • Headlines & Subheads - Put extra effort into choosing the correct verbiage for these. They act as directional signage on a highway getting visitors to their intended destination. The first word should most often be what separates and is unique over other headlines.  "Masters Program Benchmarks" is better than " The Benchmarks of the Masters Program at CSU" 
  • Repetition  Avoid using the same word repeatedly at the start of each item in a series. Better to move that word into a headline and use a bulleted or numbered list. Proof your copy to not have the same sentence or another form of the same thought in your copy. Abbreviate repetitive words, and only show the unabbreviated version once at the beginning of your story.
  • Scrolling   Remove excessive words and elements that cause scrolling. You want a breadcrumb trail on every page, so that you get a visual of what the next item of interest is without having to scroll. Even abbreviating "and" to "&" can make make a headline in a column take up on less line of type.
  • Visual  Use tables, bulleted lists, images, logos, slideshows & videos. "An image is worth 1000 words."

Google meetings are a great way to discuss updates and improvements to your website. These often work better than in person, as we can share our screens. Please invite:

Use the "Find a Time" tabbed option to choose an open slot. 
find a time


Click "Add Google Meet..." to give us all a link for the meeting.

google meet


404 not found Bad Links How to fix

Anyone can submit a broken html  link to Google SearchWill take up to 3 days


Email websupport@csu.edu with what is common about the links. We have tools where for example we can remove links that have same folder prefix in the URL 

Should you find an old or broken link come up in search wil say 404 not found. Anyone can easily submit individuals links to be removed. Can take up to 3 days for our google powered search to update. If you have many links to update, contact us by email with the link information.

GrammarlyThe free Grammarly chrome extension significantly improves your spelling & grammar. This works on any text being edited in webpage text input fields including gmail & google docs. Grammarly works OUCampus classic version (click on edit button), but not in the new mode (shift-click on edit button). Grammarly often flags adding "the" for web writing you can avoid adding an extra word if is good without.

Is no longer needed to update website, since the update of the update to Omni CMS. You will need VPN Access for information that is not public, such as  cougar connect or campus phone directory