Field Practicum work site/ Employer placement

The following policies have been established to ensure an educational focus for internships in the student's agency of employment:

1. Employment placements are the most difficult to arrange and monitor. The requisite time to meet the learning needs of students is often compromised, resulting in students experiencing a disrupted placement. Students should be aware that a placement of convenience may not provide the most appropriate learning experience. All students are encouraged to give full consideration to the limitations of this option.

2. A student may request a first and second year practicum to take place in his/her agency of employment.

3. The types of experiences and populations served must differ from those experiences assigned to the student as an employee.

4. The practicum setting must be an approved setting and must be able to provide the educational experiences required by the MSW Program.

5. The student's Field Instructor must have two years of post-MSW experience and be a different person other than the student's employment supervisor.

The agency director and/or employee supervisor, in collaboration with the potential Field Instructor and student, must establish separate blocks of time from work assignments, which are committed for uninterrupted practicum education.

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