Faculty & Staff

Carolyn Theard-Griggs

Dr. Carolyn Theard-Griggs

Dean of the College of Education

Email: cthear20@csu.edu

Phone: (773)995-3764

Ms. Janina Bardwell

Assistant to the Dean

Email: jbardw21@csu.edu

Phone: (773)995-4457

Ms. Barbara Belisle

Director of Licensure & Accreditation

Email: bbelisle@csu.edu

Phone: (773)995-2492

Ms. Bonita Herring

Pre-Clinical & Field Placement Coordinator

Email: bherring@csu.edu

Phone: (773)995-2570 

Patricia Steinhaus 


Early Childhood Education

Office: ED 244

Phone: (773)995-2346

Inna Dolzhenko

Inna Dolzhenko

Assistant Professor    

Early Childhood Education

Office: ED 217           

Phone: (773)995-2191 

Research/Service Interests: Early Childhood Education (social and emotional development of young children), Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development (teaching SEL skills to young children), Special Education (development of young children with disabilities), Mindfulness (development of awareness of self and others), Multicultural education (anti-bias education, culturally responsive pedagogy), Teacher preparation, Quantitative research methodologies (multiple regression, multivariate analyses, hierarchical linear modeling), Qualitative research methodologies

Tywanda Jiles

Tywanda Jiles , Ed.D.

Department Chairperson

Assistant Professor

Early Childhood Education

Office: ED 215

Phone: (773)995-3749

Research/Service Interests: Social-emotional learning, culturally responsive teaching,  professional development for early childhood educators, teacher advocacy and family engagement.

Chyrese Wolf

Chyrese Wolf, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

Elementary and Middle Education & Graduate Reading 

Office: ED 229

Phone: (773)995-2370 (Prefer email communication cwolf@csu.edu)

Research/Service Interests: International comparative literacy teacher development using large-scale assessments, PISA and PIRLS, in the development of the public's perception of teacher effectiveness. Impact of dialogical teaching in the literacy classroom: examining the teacher-student relationship.

Sarah Buck

Sarah Buck, Ph.D.

Physical Education & Recreation

Office: JDC 220

Phone: (773)995-3651

Research/Service Interests: My research interests are currently cultural factors related to sedentary in African American females. For service, I am Academic Affairs Committee Chair, the General Education Committee Secretary, and a member of Faculty Senate and the COE Admissions and Standards committees (all CSU). I am Past-President of IAHPERD (Illinois Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance) and currently on the Executive Board as well as editor of the semi-annual publication, the Illinois Journal. I am a member of Rotary1 Chicago as well as co-Chair of the Community Service committee. 

Mark A. Kutame

Mark A. Kutame, Ph.D.

Department Chairperson

Associate Professor

Physical Education & Recreation 

Office: JDC 221

Phone: (773)995-3650

Research/Service Interests: Teacher Pedagogical Content Knowledge/Curriculum and Instruction.

Edward Reed

Edward Reed


Physical Education & Recreation

Office: JDC 218

Office Phone: (773)995-3646 

Robert J. Syzman

Robert J. Syzman, Ph.D., CAPE


Program: Physical Education & Recreation

Office: JDC 224

Phone: (773)995-3645

Research/Service Interests: Psychosocial Aspects of Disability and Paralympics Sports, President Chicago Teachers College/Chicago State University Alumni Association,Secretary Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Committee

Secretary Board of Athletic Advisors, Faculty Search Committee Member, College of Education Graduate Committee Secretary Department Personnel Committee

June Price – Shingles

June Price – Shingles

Associate Professor

Health Education

Office: JDC 223

Phone: (773)995-3779

Research/Service Interests:

My research interest consist of creating a new programming module for recreation faculty nationwide for instruction during the program design course using the 40 Developmental Assets as the core criteria.  Other interests are in leadership and professional development modules for undergraduate students independent of the core curriculum for parks, recreation and sports management and therapeutic recreation while matriculating through undergraduate studies.

Michael McNicholas

Michael McNicholas 

Assistant Professor

Physical Education & Recreation 

Office: JDC 219

Phone: (773)995-2294 

Rasha Elhage

Rasha ElSaheli Elhage, PhD

Associate Professor

Special Education

Office: ED 234

Phone: (773)995-3538

Research/Service Interests: Employment of youth with disabilities, Special Education transition services, Vocational Education for youth with disabilities, Co-teaching, Special Education teachers retention.

Athanase Gahungu

Athanase Gahungu


Principal Preparations

Office: ED 237

Phone: (773)995-2009 

Deborah Lynch

Deborah Lynch, Ph.D.


Curriculum & Instruction 

Office: ED 241

Phone: (773)995-2066

Research/Service Interests: Research interest: teacher perceptions of student substance use; trauma-informed teaching & learning.

Service Interests: Serenity Academy of Chicago (SAC) board member (working to start a sober high school in Chicago); SMART Recovery volunteer facilitator.

Garrard McClendon

Garrard McClendon, Ph.D.    


Principal Preparation, Higher Education Administration, Doctoral Studies

Office: ED 231

Phone: (773)821-2579

Research/Service Interests: Perceptions, Expectations, and Language, Ebonics, Education, School Choice, Critical Race Theory, Politics, Education, Law and Finance

Olanipekun Laosebikan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Higher Education Administration

Office: ED 226

Phone: (773)821-2832

Research/Service Interests: Black international education exchange, international student organizations and political activism, HBCUs and international education.

Chandra Cabraal

Associate Professor

Doctoral Studies

Office: ED 238

Phone: (773)821-2832 

Byung-in Seo, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor

Doctoral Studies 

Office: ED 228

Phone: (773)821-2181

Research/Service Interests: Content area literacy, Secondary education, Curriculum, Instruction, Bridging the learning divide between English/language arts and mathematics. 



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