Housing & Residence Life

marshmallowsHello Future Cougars! We are excited you are considering CSU and look forward to meeting you and your family. As the Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life (HRL) it is my goal to ensure that your housing experience and transition comes with support from our staff. Here at Chicago State University we strive to provide a residence experience that is enriched with diverse living and learning experiences. We achieve this by providing academic, social, cultural and personal developmental support through programing and student engagement, and campus collaborations

Our on-campus housing community supports students from all classifications. In our three-story building we house 333 students in our single and suite-style rooms. Our hall provides spacious living quarters, 3 - lounge spaces for studying, programming & fun, a laundry facility equipped with state of the art coin-less washers and dryers, as well as a 24 hour computer lab with printing capability for your late night studying needs ( due to COVID-19 all rooms will be single occupancy).

Click here for the Housing Application.

Am I ready for Move-in? Checklist

As you prepare for move-in, please remember to complete the following steps prior to your move-in date.

Financial Aid Questions

Complete FAFSA for the upcoming school year. Each housing applicant must complete a Financial Aid Housing Eligibility Form. Students must have filled out his or her FAFSA prior to applying for on-campus housing. For questions contact: csu-finaid@csu.edu


Application Fee

A $75 non-refundable application fee will be applied to the student's account upon applying for housing and must be paid prior to move-in. Please do not mail the application fee (applies to new residents only). Contact housing for questions.

Criminal Background Check

All new and returning housing students must complete a criminal background check. There are two parts of the criminal background check. Part I is the Campus Safety Questionnaire. Complete your background check by visiting www.CastleBranch.com, fees will apply. Use package code: cg78

Medical/ Immunization Questions

A medical compliance card will be issued to the student once the medical/immunization has been submitted and cleared with the Wellness Center. If any of the below is missing, you will not be issued a compliance card, and this will prohibit you from obtaining housing. For Wellness Application Click here.

  • Diphtheria and Tetanus (TD), must have been within the last 10 years.
  • Tuberculin (TB), skin test with results within the last year.
  • Complete Physical, completed within the last year.
  • 2 doses of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), or a test verifying immunity.


HRL LogoContact the Chicago State University Wellness and Health Center for assistance in obtaining any needed immunizations or laboratory (serologic) testing by emailing them at csu-wellness@csu.edu or by calling at 774.995.2010. Be sure to make two copies of records. Send one copy to the Wellness/Health Center and maintain one copy for your record. Please do not send any medical records to housing.