Chicago State University
Honors Curriculum

The Honors College at Chicago State is designed for students who embrace the chance to work hard, read more, take risks, and challenge conventional wisdom, providing students with the tools they need to pursue an ambitious course of study. The Honors Core Curriculum is a distinctive general education curriculum taken primarily during students' first and second years at the university.  Most of the Core courses are interdisciplinary, and many are team-taught. All of the courses have been designed especially for the Honors College by the faculty who teach them. The Core Curriculum insures that all students in the Honors College receive a first-class liberal education regardless of their major fields of study. 

The Honors Core curriculum is a teaching and learning laboratory, where ideas for new courses and new ways of teaching constantly stimulate both teachers and students alike. The special seminar format fosters additional teaching and learning innovation that are of benefit to the entire academic community to the degree that Honors College students pursue other degree programs beyond the Honors College in their junior and senior years.

The Honors Core courses, sequences, and seminars are designed to challenge students by providing exposure to some of Chicago State’s best and most exciting faculty, while introducing important topics, issues, and methods of inquiry across disciplines. Through them, students develop and sharpen their reading, writing, mathematical, analytical, and communication skills.

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