Honors College courses are taught by distinguished faculty from different departments across the university. Below are our current Honors College faculty, along with the Honors courses they teach in the Honors College program.

Dr. Leslie Baker-Kimmons

Professor of Sociology

HON 2000, Honors Colloquium

Dr. Sarah Buck

Professor of Physical Education

HON 3000, Field Learning

Dr. Kelly Norman Ellis

Professor of English

HON 1420, Human Search for Meaning

HON 4000, Advanced Honors Colloquium

Rosalind Fielder-Giscombe

Associate Professor and Research & Instruction Librarian

HON 1000, Honors Seminar: Information Literacy

Dr. Valerie Goss

Associate Professor of Chemistry

HON 2220, Science & the Natural World

Dr. Daniel J. Hrozencik

Professor of Mathematics

HON 1320, Mathematical Modeling

Dr. Soo Yun Kang

Professor of Art History

HON 2320, Art & Cultures

Dr. Pancho McFarland

Professor of Sociology

HON 1520, Social & Historical Inquiry

Dr. Arthur Redman

Associate Professor of Sociology

HON 2420, Peoples & Values in Conflict

Dr. Steve Rowe

Dean, Honors College

Professor of History

HON 1000, Honors Seminar: Information Literacy