Chicago State University

Faculty and Staff

Leading your scholarly exploration are enthusiastic, skilled, nurturing and diverse faculty committed to giving each student close personal attention. The Honors College faculty are productive researchers and leaders in their fields. They will provide a challenging academic environment in which you can achieve your goals. In addition to your university advisor, you will be assigned an Honors College advisor who will guide you toward other possible internship and research opportunities. Your Honors College advisor will also help you to develop plans for graduate or professional school, discuss career opportunities, and serve as a knowledgeable reference regarding your undergraduate achievements.

Honors College Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Emmett Bradbury, Philosophy
  • Prof. Sammie Burton, English
  • Prof. Darrell Darrisaw, English
  • Dr. Kim Dulaney, African American Studies
  • Prof. Rosalind Fielder-Giscomb, Library
  • Dr. Shirlyn Garrett-Wilson, Psychology
  • Dr. Valerie Goss, Chemistry
  • Dr. Dan Hrozencik, Mathematics
  • Dr. Ann Kuzdale, History
  • Dr. Soo Kang, Art
  • Dr. Pancho McFarland, Sociology
  • Dr. Lionel Pittman, Physics
  • Dr. Arthur Redman, Sociology
  • Dr. Kevin Swier, Biology